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Excellent Teacher Program
Mathematics Workshop

The Mathminds Foundation proudly offers workshops tailored to educators worldwide, providing a platform for professional growth and collaboration. Through these workshops, teachers stand to gain invaluable insights, resources, and networking opportunities. With a focus on enhancing teaching skills and staying updated on the latest trends in mathematics education, Mathminds Foundation workshops empower educators to excel in their practice. By fostering cross-cultural understanding and promoting collaboration among teachers from diverse backgrounds, these workshops create a global community dedicated to advancing mathematics education. Join us at Mathminds Foundation workshops and unlock the full potential of your teaching journey.

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Mathematicians Program
Mathematics Conferences

Mathminds is proud to offer mathematicians conferences around the world, providing a platform for math minds to converge and collaborate on various projects. These conferences serve as vibrant hubs where mathematicians from diverse backgrounds can come together to exchange ideas, explore new research directions, and tackle challenging problems in the field. Through workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities, Mathminds conferences facilitate fruitful collaborations that drive innovation and advance the frontiers of mathematics. Join us at Mathminds conferences and be part of a global community of math enthusiasts shaping the future of the discipline.

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International Experience
Exchange Programs

Mathminds i, dedicated to fostering the sharing of experiences among students and teachers worldwide. This program offers a unique opportunity for participants to engage in a variety of international activities, including competitions, camps, and classroom collaborations. Students and teachers alike will have the chance to immerse themselves in diverse educational environments, gaining valuable insights and forging connections with peers from around the globe. Through this exchange program, Mathminds aims to promote cultural exchange, collaborative learning, and personal growth, empowering participants to become global citizens with a passion for mathematics and education. Join us in this transformative journey of exploration and discovery with Mathminds exchange program.

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About Us

Math Minds Foundation (MMF) is dedicated to the empowerment of young girls in mathematics and STEM fields. Our focus is to create opportunities for passionate learners through math camps, STEM camps, and competitions, both within Kosovo and globally. We believe in the universal appeal of mathematics and strive to bring math enthusiasts from around the world together. Join us as we nurture the math minds of tomorrow.

Our Services

This text briefly introduces visitors to your main services.

Online IB Mathematics Classes

Discover the key to success in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program with Math Minds' specialized online classes. We offer tailored instruction for MYP (Middle Years Programme) Levels 1-3 and the challenging IB Diploma Programme (DP). Our goal is to bridge the gap between MYP and DP, equipping MYP students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the Diploma Programme. Our experienced instructors are here to guide DP students through rigorous exam papers, ensuring they are well-prepared for this critical phase of their academic journey. Join us and embark on a path to IB success with Math Minds.

Physical Math Classes

At our Math and Physical Classes, we're redefining the way mathematics and the physical sciences are learned. We've harmoniously blended the principles of the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Montessori education to create a dynamic learning environment. Our approach focuses on fostering a deep understanding of these subjects through hands-on activities and real-life examples, rather than following a rigid school curriculum. Our Unique Approach: By embracing the IB philosophy, we instill in students the art of inquiry-based learning. We move beyond the confines of traditional curriculum, encouraging students to explore, investigate, and question. In our classrooms, they engage in real-world investigations that develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Simultaneously, our incorporation of Montessori principles empowers students to become self-directed learners, fostering independence and a love for learning. Our curriculum is designed to connect abstract mathematical and physical concepts to the tangible world. Students measure the angles of a playground slide, explore the mathematical patterns found in nature, and build simple machines, all of which bring these subjects to life. With Math and Physical Classes, we offer an educational journey that transcends textbooks, nurturing a profound and enduring passion for these disciplines.

Summer and Winter Camp

What to Expect: In our Math Camps, students will embark on a journey of intellectual discovery. These camps are not just about numbers and equations; they are an immersive experience where young minds are challenged with advanced problems, encouraging them to think critically and creatively. Participants will collaborate with like-minded peers and expert mentors, delving deep into the world of mathematics. Why Join Us: The Math Camps, aptly named after Math Minds Foundation (MMF), are designed to nurture a global community of math aficionados. Whether you're within Kosovo or exploring mathematical wonders beyond its borders, you'll find yourself surrounded by a network of passionate learners, ready to explore the depths of mathematics. Join us and let your mathematical journey begin – a journey that transcends boundaries and unites math minds worldwide.

Outdoor Math Competiotion

In our Outdoor Math Competitions, participants embrace the great outdoors while engaging in exciting mathematical challenges. These events are not your typical contests; they encourage students to apply their mathematical knowledge in real-world scenarios, solving problems amidst the natural surroundings. Whether it's geometry in the wilderness or algebra under the open sky, these competitions inspire creative thinking and teamwork. Our outdoor math competitions offer a unique opportunity to connect with mathematics in a way that's both refreshing and intellectually stimulating. Beyond equations and formulas, these events foster an appreciation for the practical applications of math in our daily lives. Join us for an adventure that combines the thrill of competition with the beauty of the outdoors, and let your mathematical skills shine in a whole new light.

Feedback from students

The Math and Physical Classes at Math Minds Foundation were a revelation for me. Engaging in hands-on activities made complex concepts, like functions, crystal clear. I grasped the essence of mathematics while developing a true passion for the subject. These classes have not only improved my understanding but also boosted my confidence. I can't wait for the next session!
Being a part of the Math Camp organized by Math Minds Foundation was an incredible experience. I can't express how much I enjoyed my time there. The camp was not only educational but also a whole lot of fun.
The challenging math problems, interactive sessions, and the opportunity to connect with fellow math enthusiasts made this camp a memorable one. I truly appreciate the dedication and passion of the organizers and mentors who made learning math so engaging and exciting. I'm leaving the camp with a deeper understanding of mathematics and a desire to explore more. Thank you, Math Minds Foundation, for this wonderful experience!

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Students will benefit from working with us because we offer a unique blend of educational philosophies, combining IB principles and Montessori methods, fostering well-rounded learning experiences.

Additionally, our focus on real-life examples and hands-on activities ensures that students not only grasp mathematical concepts but also develop a deeper understanding and lasting enthusiasm for the subject.

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